Who we are ?

Connecting Dots Digital is an online advertising and digital media marketing company founded in the year 2015 in New Delhi, India. We are here to integrate most promising forms of digital media in a cocktail of effective ad solution to the corporate digital advertising needs and to improve the performance of the company and its product(s) with each internet marketing ad campaign.

What We Offer

Brand & Display Marketing

Connecting Dots Digital is a multi-device, multi-platform Online Advertising Network with a rapidly growing number of Publishers. The publisher team consists of some of the amazing and top website names. We offer a wide array of display banners on desktop and mobile screens on various interest clusters, B2B, vernacular and, International websites as well as top Social Blog sites.

Performance Marketing
Performance Marketing

Performance marketing services including Cost-per-Lead (CPL), Cost-per-Install (CPI), Cost-per-registration (CPR) and Cost-per-Sale (CPS) models and complete process of strategy, conceptualization, campaign design, campaign testing, solution deployment, campaign monitoring and analytical inputs for effective campaign delivery. We have an efficient publisher team to deliver such campaigns effectively.

Social/Display/Search Marketing

Connecting Dots Digital has a team of experienced social media and search engine advertising specialists who can assist in making your campaign reaching to the right set of audience in a much effective manner. We have expertise in delivering various modes of campaigns with national and international geos on social media platforms and search engines.

Influencers Campaigns

Connecting Dots Digital offers brands the potential of word of mouth marketing, to unify their marketing, PR, sales, product, digital marketing, and social media through powerful and relevant relationship-based communication. Both the ROI and marketing potential of influencer marketing is immense. Connecting Dots Digital has a reach of millions of social media active, connected and engaged users through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and, Quora.

Email Marketing

Connecting Dots Digital takes you to your consumer’s inboxes every time when you do an email activity with us. We have our own strong data resources for correct right party’sdata collection. Our email marketing is highly effective in creating digital marketing strategies for sending brand communication to prospect or existing customers. Effective email marketing converts prospects into customers too and turns one-time buyers into loyal fans for your brand.

Affiliate Marketing

Connecting Dots Digital is a strong liaison force between global advertisers and numerous affiliate publishers creating a balancing act between the two. We strictly adhere to the policy of filtering the affiliate addition requests to avoid bad practices and ad frauds to ensure high-quality deliveries always. Connecting Dots Digital has a strong network of more than 1500 affiliate publishers worldwide for all forms of traffic generation.

How We Do It
Campaign Planning
Inventory Strategy
Development & Testing
Delivery & Analysis

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Connecting Dots Digital offers its advertisers a one-stop solution for various advertising needs and targeted conversations with their consumer group. On the offer is the reach of multiple premium partner websites/apps to get your audience and enable the advertiser to get cross channel solutions across all of these.

500+ Advertiser Globally

Desktop, Mobile & Tablet

Time & Day Targeting

Reach Your Audience

Campaign Optimization

Keyword Targeting


With a strong and ever-increasing base of Indian and international publishers, Connecting Dots Digital affirms its multilayer and uniform presence in the different markets. We always welcome publishers to form a well defined and mutually beneficial business alliance with us. consumer group. On the offer is the reach of multiple national and international advertiser campaigns under one roof and better monetization of ad inventories.

1000+ Publishers Globally

Desktop, Mobile & Tablet

Regular Campaigns

Monetise Your Ad Inventory

Better Pricing

Various Working Models

Monthly Impression
Publisher Network
Project Completed
Hour Of Hardwork

Targeting Performance

Brand Campaigns
Performance Campaigns
Social & Adwords Campaigns
Influencer Campaigns

New to Connecting Dots Digital and want a quick summary of what we do? Are you currently using our services and want to refer your friends? Need some good reading material?

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